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The EnGenius SN-ULTRA-LPK Lightning Protection module is made for use outdoors to protect against the threat of lightning and other electrical surges that could damage the phone system via the antenna. Use one LPK module for each external antenna for protection.
  • Gas Electrode Arrestor
  • Protects from Lightning & Other Electrical Surges Traveling Via Antenna
  • Grounding Plate or Rod Not Included

Facts About Lightning

  • Lightning can travel as far as 40 miles / 65 kilometers
  • Lightning temperature can reach as high as 50,000 degrees Celsius
  • A lightning bolt can carry up to one million volts of electricity
  • Lightning seeks out a path of least resistance, usually a tall metal object.
  • There are approximately 2000 thunderstorms a day producing up to 5000 cloud-to-ground lightning events.
  • There are thousands of telephone sets damaged by lightning every year in the U.S. The majority of the damage to telephone devices can be avoided through the use of a lightning protection kit.

What This Lightning Protection Kit Can Do?

Reduce the risk of damage to your EnGenius telephone equipment from indirect lightning strikes by protecting the equipment against static discharge and electric surges from lightning. The lightning protection kit limits surge voltage to reduced levels and redirects their discharge to the ground, where it dissipates.

What This Lightning Protection Kit Can't Do?

  • Will not prevent a lightning strike.
  • Will not prevent a direct lightning strike from damaging your equipment or property.
  • Will not protect any other equipment or property other than what it was designed for.

Technical Specifications

Upon reaching a voltage (normally over 230V) the Lightning Protector Kit will short as much as 20,000 Amperes to grounds. Electrode Arrester: Heavy Duty

  • Operating Temperature: -40C to 100C
  • Relative Humidity: 10% to 95%
  • Nom. DC Spark-Over Voltage VsdcN: 230V
  • Tolerance of VsdcN: ± 20 %
  • Impulse Spark-Over Voltage Vsi: <600 v="" at="" 1kv="" s="" li="">
  • Nom. Impulse discharge Current idiN: 20kA (wave 8/20µs)
  • Nom. Alternating Discharge Current IdcN: 20A (at 50 Hz, 1s)
  • Insulation Resistance Ris: ≥ 1010 Ohm (at 100V)
  • Capacitance C: <1,5 pF
  • RG-213 cable 5 meters
  • Connector Reversed N & TNC type

Where to Find a Qualified Technician for Installation?

This Lightning Protection Kit must be installed by a professional installer following applicable sections of the national and local building/electrical codes to prevent injury or damage caused by lightning.

Electrical Contractors may be found in the Yellow Pages of your local telephone directory, or you may want to call your local utility for further information.

Where to Find Building Codes for Your Area?

Check with the Qualified Technician who is installing the lightning protector about the building/electrical codes for the equipment will be installed. You may also want to consult your phone directory for city offices responsible for such local codes.

Safety Warnings Regarding Installation

  1. Read and understand all instructions included in this user's manual.
  2. Make sure this lightning protection kit is properly installed by a qualified technician.
  3. Do not install this equipment during a thunderstorm or when inclement weather is approaching..
  4. Do not install this equipment if it or any of the cables appear to be damaged..
  5. Only install this protection kit using the manufacturer's origin or replacement cables.
  6. Do not install where the cable will be damaged by being walked on or tripped over.

Safety Warnings Regarding Use

  1. Do not stand near any of the cables during a lightning storm.
  2. Do not use a telephone during a thunderstorm.
  3. Do not continue to use this lighting protection equipment if it appears to be damaged by a lighting strike or an over-voltage condition. (See our Warranty or contact us for repair or replacement.)

Installation Procedure

  1. Connect the Reverse Thread TNC Connector (A) to the coaxial cable attached to the external antenna..
  2. Connect the Reverse N connector (B) to the included 5 meter coaxial cable, then attached the other end of this cable to the base unit's antenna connector, Note: ENGENIUS base unit's antenna connector uses a reverse thread TNC adapter and it turned clockwise to remove.
  3. Connect the grounding contact (C) on the Lightning Protection Kit to the grounding rod or grounding socket of the campus using an appropriated gauge grounding wire (refer to your local codes).
  4. The ENGENIUS base unit and telephone line should be plugged into an AC and telephone surge protector to help protect the system from
    1. TNC Connector
    2. N Connector
    3. Electrode arrestor chamber
    4. Grounding contact
    electrical surges that may damage the system coming through the telephone and / or electrical wires.
  5. Verify that an Electrode Arrestor "button" is inside the electrode arrestor chamber (D) of the Lightning Protection Kit. The chamber's post can be removed, by hand, turning it counter-clockwise. The chamber' post should be tightened firmly, by hand, to secure the electrode arrestor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need a lightning protection kit?
A. There are thousands of quality telephones sets damaged by lightning each year. The Lightning Protection Kit could have prevented a majority of this costly damage. The ENGENIUS system is not covered under the system's limited warranty for lightning damage unless an ENGENIUS SN-ULTRA-LPK (Lightning Protection Kit) has been properly installed.

Q. What can the kit do and what can't it do?
A. This kit reduces the risk of damage by interrupting surge voltage (up to technical specifications), and then redirecting the damaging levels to ground. No lightning protection device can prevent lightning from striking or the effects of a direct strike.

Q. How does the kit work to reduce the risk of damage to ENGENIUS telephone equipment by lightning strike?
A. The kit works by redirecting static discharge voltage to the ground.

Q. What is the Electrode Arrestor?
A. The Electrode Arrestor is a small cylindrical "button" located inside the electrode arrestor chamber (see diagram page 6). This "button" acts like a fuse that can be "actuated" several hundred times before it needs to be replaced.

Q. How will I know when lightning has struck and what do I do then?
A. The electrode arrestor can be triggered up to 300 times before it needs to be replaced. There is no visual indication that an electrode arrester is no longer functioning. Typically, an arrester should be replaced once a year in areas with infrequent storm activity or every other year in areas with infrequent storm activity.

Note: A change in clarity or range with your ENGENIUS system, after a storm, may indicate the need to replace the electrode arrester.
Warning: If visual damage is apparent on the Lightning Protection Kit or electrode arrester discontinue use immediately.

Q. Will this device protect against a direct lightning strike?
A. The lightning protector does not protect against direct lighting strike. It protects against static discharge and feeders/feet from lightning up to the specifications listed in our technical specifications (see page 3).

Q. Can I install the lightning protector myself?
A. It is required a qualified technician installs this protector.

Q. Can I purchase spare or replacement electrode arresters?
A. Yes, electrode arresters can be purchased through ENGENIUS customer service. The electrode arrester part number is: SN-ULTRA-LPK/F.

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